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Our Philosophy: 1. We understand that most children learn best by doing and therefore, must be actively engaged in the learning process. 2. We feel that children, given positive relationships with caring adults, grow and develop in the best possible way. 3. We know that, given comparable educational opportunities, all children learn and go on to become successful adults. 4. We realize that each child is unique, with different temperaments, different growth rates and different needs. 5. By meeting each child's cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs, the healthy growth of the whole child is at the heart of our program. What children need is what they get at Causey's Learning Center: Early exposure to languages, Early music education, Exercise, Preschool-level academic work Teamwork is Important to Us: Successful teamwork between parents and educators is important to us because it reflects on the child's development. That's why we have a culture of teamwork at Causey's Learning Center. There is constant interaction between parents and educators as we plan excursions, common activities, and class parties. There are several ways you can get involved in your child's daycare and preschool education. You are welcomed and encouraged to participate in any or all of these. Some examples of ways to be involved include: 1. Chaperoning on field trips. 2. Lending objects for units of study. 3. Participate in monthly parent meetings. 4. Helping your child at home with the concepts we are studying here (ideas for this will be provided in our quarterly newsletter). 5. Helping your child prepare for "Show & Tell" or "Mystery Box." 6. Providing birthday treats or other items for our parties. "Please- Bakery Items Only." We're always grateful for support above and beyond the call of duty.

Children's Home Society

- Chryssa Best

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The mission of CISC Bilingual Preschool is to prepare children for school learning by providing a bilingual and bicultural environment. It also aims to help families achieve self-sufficiency by providing education, resources, and networking opportunities. The role of this program is to foster learning by providing children with experiences that support the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, bilingual, and bicultural development of children. Efforts to improve school readiness are most effective when the curriculum embraces the rich cultural and language backgrounds of families and children. The program serves 3 and 4 years old immigrant children who are English learners speaking Chinese dialects, or Asian languages at home. The pre-school program offers 6-hours per day, Monday through Friday from September – June, to prepare children for school readiness and long-term academic achievement.

Creative Kids

- Susan Tefft

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The Experimental Education Unit (EEU) offers a comprehensive early childhood school community that provides inclusive education to children with and without disabilities. This community consists a staff of scholars, professionals and university students who conduct important research and refine new techniques to hone their teaching skills. All EEU programs promote the development of children's cognitive, motor, communication, and social interaction skills by means of educational and therapeutic interventions most appropriate for each child. These programs always include typically developing children and children with various developmental delays or disabilities. All classrooms are managed by teams of diverse professionals, which include the head teacher, assistant teacher, speech and language pathologist, occupational or physical therapist, social worker, nurse, and other appropriate staff. The EEU’s model combines practical research, hands-on training and direct service to children from infancy through kindergarten. Our program is committed to promoting the development of children's cognitive, motor, communication, and social interaction skills giving them the necessary foundation for learning in elementary school and beyond.


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Launch offers year-round kindergarten readiness for children ages 3–5, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Because we serve children from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, we take special care to be aware and responsive to the needs of our diverse community. All of our preschool programs are part of the Seattle Preschool Program and have been awarded a Quality Level of Excellence rating by Early Achievers, Washington State’s quality rating and improvement system for early learning programs. We use the HighScope curriculum, which is utilized in preschools and kindergartens worldwide and has been adopted by the City of Seattle as one of the designated curriculums for all of their partner preschools. This research-based curriculum provides developmentally appropriate practices that embrace the whole child and focus on building the skills necessary for a preschooler’s smooth transition into kindergarten. With HighScope, daily activities can change frequently or remain the same as children explore and gain mastery of the topic. It is common to see different themes and activities emerging at our various sites. Our dedicated staff are keen observers skilled at identifying the strengths, needs, and interests of individual children as well as the group as they interact with one another and the surrounding environment. Launch teachers bring expertise and passion to teaching and see every day as an opportunity to enhance learning, development, and meaning for the children entrusted in their care.

ReWA believes that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. Often, refugee and immigrant parents feel disconnected from existing child care programs due to language, cultural, and religious barriers. Our Early Learning Center helps refugee and immigrant parents feel supported by providing childcare that breaks down language, cultural, and religious barriers. In ReWA’s classrooms, each child is encouraged to share their own culture and value other cultures different from their own. The Early Learning Center offers the following • Qualified bilingual and bicultural staff • Small classroom environments for individualized learning • Strong literacy programs • Integrated, dual-language curriculum • Culturally-relevant, home-cooked hot meals • Supportive services through bilingual and bicultural Family Advocates • Free part-day childcare for qualifying families • NACCP Accreditation (National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs) Curriculum Our “Soy Bilingue” curriculum creates a balanced support of home language and culture, while equipping children with necessary English skills for their transition to Kindergarten. The “Create Curriculum” meets the social, emotional, physical, language, cognitive and literacy objectives for childhood learning and development using a play-based model. Locations • Preschool on Beacon Hill, serving children 3 – 5 years old • Childcare at the Main Office, serving infants – 3 years old

YMCA preschool provides developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to support the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth of all children. Children at the Y are encouraged to use their creativity, develop new skills, work and play with peers, and experience positive adult role models. Our program is value based with emphasis on building self-reliance through our YMCA core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Preschool follows WA Licensing requirements, is sponsored by City of Seattle, and participates in Washington Early Achievers Quality Program. PROGRAM FEATURES: The YMCA Preschool is a nurturing, safe place to learn, grow and thrive. Our experienced and professional staff uses Creative Curriculum & Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment, with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness. The Y also incorporates extensive family involvement activities such as Family Time, Family Nights. The YMCA follows USDA requirements and participates in Child and Adult Food Program and participates in Farm To Table project offered by City of Seattle. We Provide nutritious breakfast, hot lunch and snacks daily with family style dinning and strives serving organic food from local farms. DSHS & City of Seattle subsidy accepted. Financial assistance may also be available through the Y.